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Great Designs = Buys

Have you ever wondered what makes a certain house desirable?  Think about it. What do you look for when buying a home? According to a study by the National  Association of Home Builders one of the main driving forces is the design and layout of the home!  Now of course there are a ton of other factors, but design is one of the most important factors in choosing a home, especially for people in the market for new homes.

Design is Buy

The top 3 design and layout requirements in 2015 :

The Forever Home :  With everyone still coping with the recent recession, people are looking for homes that they can grow into. Homes that are not too big, but big enough to raise a family. These homes are roughly between 2300 and 2500 square feet.  The multi generation  homes are easier to maintain esthetically and financially. The spaces and rooms can also be changed when need be.  A simple room can be a baby nursery one moment and an art studio in the next The Tres Le Fleur House Plan is the best example of a Forever Home with just 2499sqft. (

Tres Le Fleur House Plan - Tres Le Fleur House Plan - Archival Designs - Ranch Home Style

Tres Le Fleur House Plan - Tres Le Fleur House Plan - Mountain Cottage - Archival Designs

Open floor plan:   No walls or limitations. These layouts offer a lot of flexibility for the ever changing family.  Having a free flowing space between the kitchen, dining area, and family/living room allows for everyone to be within distance.  The Fairhope Home Plan has a clear and open space for optimum flexibility and creativity for the homeowner (

Fairhope House Plan - Contemporary Cottage Lakefront House Plan

Fairhope House Plan - Fairhope Small House Plan Cottage Design

Outdoor Living:  Being able to connect indoor and outdoor living is remains to be prominent in choosing a house Having your own personal oasis in your backyard is exciting and cost effective in the long run. Outdoor cooking areas and pools will give the home flexibility and show that the ” party” can continue outside of the home.  The Luxor House is just one illustration of how outdoor living can play into the overall layout of a home (

Luxor House Plan -

Luxor House Plan - House Plan - Texas Style - First Floor Plan

9 Tips: How To Hire the Right Builder for Your New Home

You’ve found the house of your dreams, and are ready to embark on the exciting journey of home building.  One of the most difficult decisions homeowners are faced with is choosing the dependable and skilled contractor.

Big Canoe House Plan by Archival Designs
The Big Canoe House by Archival Designs – Exclusive Collection – 3,500 sq. ft.- Luxury Home Plan

Here are 9 tips that will help you choose the right contractor for your dream home.

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Single-family housing production at its highest

Single-Family starts are up 4.2% and the housing production in October reached its highest level since November 2013.

This rise of single-family starts gives the nation more certainty that the economy is improving and consumer confidence is growing.

This continued recovery will have a ripple effect to empower the overall recovery of the United States.

According to the NAHB, issuance of building permits for single-family dwellings increased 1.4 percent to 640,000 units in the month of October.

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luxury humber house mansion archival designs architectural home plan
The Humber House by Archival Designs. Spring 2015 – Newfoundland, Canada

Builder confidence is not only increasing in the United States, but also in Canada.    Archival Designs is seeing an increase in design commissions in North America, one of which is a new 10,000 sq. ft. home to be built Spring 2015 in Newfoundland, Canada.

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Full Recovery In Sight For Housing Markets

Great news from the National Association of Home Builders!

In the 3rd quarter of 2014, metro areas nationwide have exceeded their normal economic and housing activity index.   Consumer confidence for potential buyers and builders is starting to produce a pent-up demand.

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Ashburn House Plan by Archival Designs
The Ashburn House Plan by Archival Designs

Housing recovery will continue to move forward in 2015 making it the ideal time to build your dream home.  Archival Designs offers a large portfolio with any architectural style you can dream up.

Take the next step towards your dream home with us!  Archival Designs offers pre-designed and custom home plans at a price you can afford.  Call our home plan specialists today at 770-831-6363 and begin your home building journey today.

House Plans – New House Designs & Styles From New Year

A new year means new trends, which also means it’s time for a fresh look in your home! Looking for inspiration? Sherwin Williams has just announced their 2014 Color of the Year, “Exclusive Plum.”

Photo credit:

If this hue isn’t your style, it is important to think about which colors inspire you. Your house should be a reflection of yourself, and a place that you can’t wait to come home to. Kevynteriors can help you freshen up or completely transform your walls, ceilings, cabinets, furniture, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Moving? Want to keep existing colors and finishes in the new house while still making the home your own? I recently worked with a client who wanted to keep an existing mural, but change the colors and get rid of the “Gordon Fisherman” that scared the grandchildren. Subtle changes can make a huge difference!

Not ready to change the look of your cabinets or walls? Consider starting with updating your mantle. A small change can make a BIG difference in the focal point of the room.

2013 was a year full of fun projects and great new clients. I would like to share a few favorites and hope you might get inspired to mix things up in your home in 2014!

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